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Our story is one of the picture of rock music. We are about sex, money, firework selection boxes, fame, egos, fashion, art, photography, production, business, and most significantly, music – much like rock-n-roll.

Most Recent Review – Led Zeppelin “You will find a lot of great Led Zeppelin posters, it’s difficult to choose a popular. But, basically needed to choose, it might be the Swansong poster art of Apollo (not Icarus) over the runes. The composition is really simple, however the emotional energy behind the art is indisputable. Obviously, Apollo’s hair causes it to be a rock poster classic. While this is from the runes continues to be susceptible to debate this very day, based on your source, probably the most broadly recognized version is the fact that each member decided on a symbol to represent them around the album cover. Robert Plant’s indication of a feather inside a circle originates from an old mythical Mu civilization, and signifies truth for Plant.

John Bonham’s rune from the three interlocking circles includes a mysterious origin, but Plant has stated he thought it implied the trilogy of guy, lady and child, or it had been the brand of Ballantine Beer inverted. John Paul Jones’s indication of a circle protecting three ovals signifies oneness and family. This is of Jimmy Page’s “zoso” symbol is not revealed towards the public.””Rock” at Rock Poster Review”

Led Zeppelin hypnotized an era around the planet with effective rock anthems. They synthesized wild mixtures of musical influences and defined hard rock for that 1970’s. Even though the band has created an impressive assortment of poster art, it’s interesting to notice the “plane photo” poster from the four band people in-front of the plane continues to be probably the most broadly required rock music posters.

In the organization from the Beatles and Elvis, Led Zeppelin fans will not forget about this band. Their music means an excessive amount of. Ultimately, the tremendous weight of success was too much for drummer John Bonham who died from signs and symptoms triggered by an alcohol overdose. But despite his passing, we are able to still purchase the Stairs to Paradise. Maybe that’s enough with this existence.”