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Making Best Out Of Online Movies

People like something when it is amusing and it is being offered for free. It is no wonder that internet users like to watch movies online. Yes, basically you are paying for the electricity, the device and the internet connection. However, they are already regular components of your expenses so the perks that come with them are already freebies.

There are many things to like about viewing flicks via worldwide web.

  • Many sites do not require the visitors to sign up for membership. You click on the movie and play it. That is it.
  • There are thousands of movies to choose from, even those which are made internationally or the very old ones that are no longer available in DVD stores and movie houses.
  • Time is in your hands. You can watch a movie online at your most convenient time, whether it is during the day or in the wee hours of the night. You also save time that would have been spent on traveling or lining up to buy tickets as you would when going to the movie house.
  • Access is unlimited. You can watch as many movies as you wish to. The motion picture can be paused in the middle and you can resume watching when you want to. You can also repeat the flick over and over again.
  • There is no need to spend extra on things that you would usually pay for when going to the local cinemas like fuel, popcorn and movie merchandise.
  • You can watch movies online regardless of the season and the weather outside.
  • You can wear whatever you want while viewing the flick.
  • You can enjoy a movie wherever you are, whether you are in the car in the middle of heavy traffic or at home, ironing the clothes.
  • No nanny? No problem. Watch the movie that you could not watch with your children due to inappropriateness on your alone time.

 Despite it being free, there still are some complaints about online movies.

  • They load slowly especially when the internet connection is slow or unstable.
  • HD formats, especially of new movies, takes months to be uploaded. You will have to wait long for the high quality versions of the latest movies.
  • The images are not as crisp as they would appear in the cinema.
  • The sound is not as surreal as it would be in the movie houses especially when you do not have high-powered speakers or headphones.
  • The movie sites do not screen the ages of the visitor so anybody, minor or not, can access all the movies.
  • Many movies uploaded online have ‘built-in’ ads that you cannot skip. You need to wait for them to play fully before you can open the movie.
  • The click ads and pop-up ads that appear and even redirect you to different pages are bothersome.
  • Some unsecured movie sites download and install extensions, malware and even spyware to your device without you even noticing it.

You have to remember that you are enjoying the flicks for free. And you could actually do something about these drawbacks so that you will have a great experience in the virtual world.

 Here are some tips to ensure you have a good time viewing movies online.

  • A stable and high-speed internet connection would be favorable. But if this is not available, let the movie load fully before playing it to ensure that it does not freeze or reload in the middle of watching it.
  • Make sure that the specs of the device where you watch the movie in is capable of playing the movie smoothly.
  • Connect your device to the biggest screen you have to make it more cinematic.
  • Use a pair of good headphones or excellent speakers with woofer for impressive sound quality.
  • Turn on the parental controls in your kids’ devices and block movie sites. Unlock it only under your supervision.
  • Choose the movie that your children watch. Unless you have seen it before, it would be wise to screen the flick ahead to ensure the contents are indeed fit for your little ones to watch. The best thing to do is to watch movies online with your kids so that they are guided accordingly.
  • Expect for pop-up and click ads and be alert for them. Close redirected pages and new windows right away.
  • Make it a point to watch movies online in a device that has an active and up-to-date anti-virus program. Ascertain that web protection is well-covered. This will detect and block unwanted downloads and changes in your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Being picky with the movie sites you access is also an important step to ensure a safe and enjoyable online movie experience. Choose the site wisely.

  • Look for the most recommended movie sites. More often than not, they are on the top results of search engines.
  • Just to double check, look for reliable reviews about the website before opening it.
  • Check out the level of access you can have. You may want to consider looking for another one when the site only lets you watch for a limited amount of time or number of movies. Be careful with trial periods as they may automatically charge you once it is over.
  • Look at how extensive the movie options are. The more titles, genres and countries available, the better.
  • Always remember that you do not need to provide personal information. Once the site asks you to enter such data, close the page immediately.

Just because it is free to watch movies online does not mean you do not have a duty on your part. The choice to make only the best out of the cyberspace is in your hands. You do not settle for less even in picking your amusement in the worldwide web. Make it a point to enjoy online flicks with utmost care.