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When You Want to Use Movie Stream Sites That Have a Fee


Movie and TV show streaming sites are really popular today. There are a couple of sites out there that are in the lead with this services. Then there are those that are just starting up. Now, you may wonder why you would want to pay for these services when you can get some sites that are free. Then there are some things that you need to consider when you settle for free sites or when you want to use those services that ask you to pay when you want to watch movies online.


What you get when you pay for movie streaming sites

  • The system that these sites use is something like a subscription-based model. You don’t pay for a movie every time that you want to watch one. Basically, you pay for something like let’s say $10 a month. During that time period, you can watch movies for an unlimited number of times.
  • There are some sites that are convenient in terms of the payment. Just like you are not required to continue subscribing and you can cancel anytime if you don’t feel the service for your use.
  • These movie streaming sites also have a large library of movies to choose from. They can have movies that date back to the older years and some of them can be the most recent ones. That’s right, you can get the latest movies on these sites first even before they hit home releases.
  • They also offer movies of different qualities. You get the highest available qualities around. The good thing is that you don’t need to pay for extra when you want to watch them on HD, 4K and more.

Paying for movie streaming sites can be nice with the things that you can get but of course, you can also settle for the free ones and that’s not also because you don’t have a way to pay for it.


What you get when you use streaming sites that are free

  • The word free is the number one catch here. The fact that you are able to watch movies for free is a good thing. You can just pop up a movie when you feel like watching and that’s always a convenient thing to do.
  • One good trick is that if you aren’t an avid movie watcher then these free sites are good. That’s because going back to the $10 a month model, you may not be able to use it to the fullest. You could only watch like less than 10 movies a month so your payment is kind of being underused.
  • You need to choose a good website if you want to use the free ones. That’s because these sites have ads popping up from time to time. That is their way to make money but sometimes there are some ads that can be harmful. Plus don’t click on any of those sidebars especially the questionable ones because they may give you a virus. Then again not all free sites do this but just be careful.
  • There are some free streaming sites that have those early access movies but they are like cam recorded qualities especially when the movie is still in theaters at the moment but if you like to take a look at them then that would be fine.

It is up to you when you want to pay for these services or not. You are still getting what you need when it comes to watching movies online on your devices or on your computer.